About the Committee

The ASUW Committee on Student Safety has in the past introduced the Blue Emergency Lights to campus, which are now in multiple places all across campus.  The committee has also worked with UWPD on diminishing crime in the University District and will not be working with SPD on crime on University Way and other locations.  The Committee on Student Safety’s mission is to help make students more aware of their surroundings so that we can start preventing crimes on and off campus.  In order to tackle this huge goal of reducing crimes, we need to help spread knowledge of how crimes even occur in the first place.  In order for a crime to happen, there needs to be three things:

  1. Time and Place
  2. A person
  3. An opportunity.

If we take opportunity out of the equation, then there is no crime.  An example of an opportunity could be someone walking back from the library at night and texting.  The individual is texting so they might not be fully aware of their surroundings and then that presents an opportunity to a thief.  We as students need to make the decision to “choose safety” in order to diminish crime on and off campus.